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What Is An Appraisal : Why And Who Determines The Valuers Adelaide Of A property?

Evaluation of a thing or property Valuers Adelaide, and, possibly, the amount of debt of a citizen, may be useful to you in order to conclude a profitable deal for the sale, lease or loan. The result of the assessment may be needed to draw up a tax or financial (accounting) report. And, of course, an assessment is often required in courts when resolving property and other disputes.

How is valuation activity regulated in Russia? What is included in this concept? Who is an appraiser and what is the result of his work? More on that today in our encyclopedia article on valuation.

When did you start appraising real estate?

Professional appraisal activities in Russia for almost 30 years. In 1993, the first public organization appeared that evaluated Valuers Adelaide real estate. This organization is the Russian Society of Appraisers. The profession of “appraiser” appeared 3 years later – in 1996. Then, on November 27, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation approved the qualification characteristic – “appraiser (expert in property valuation)”.

Of course, the service for assessing the value of real estate and other objects (things) did not originate in the 90s, but much earlier. Even in the dictionary of V.I. Dahl, the concept of “estimate”, that is, “set a price, determine the cost of something”, appeared.

At the end of the 19th century, the assessment was caused by the need to carry out cadastral work in 1861, after the abolition of serfdom. To form the tax base and determine the amount of tax, it was necessary to determine the profitability and value of the Wikipedia property. For these purposes, they even published the “Regulations on Zemstvo Institutions” (1864).

City lands were also evaluated. In 1870, the city government commissioned an appraisal to determine the property tax. Then the tax was calculated as a percentage of the net income received from the use of real estate.

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