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Rules For Putting A Private Property Valuation Into Operation

Owners of private Property Valuation are invited to put them into operation, which is a fairly simple procedure that does not require significant costs. It is after this that the building is considered ready for use for its intended purpose.

According to the current legislation, this operation is the registration of a document on the readiness of the erected object for operation. This is a free service, the provision of which is carried out in a short time. Prior to this, the owner does not have the right to use a private house and enter into contracts with public utilities. Also, in such a situation, it will not be possible to register ownership of the building. Operations of sale, inheritance, use as collateral can also be carried out only after the house is put into operation. Until then, the object will be considered unfinished. The law also provides for the imposition of a fine for the use of real estate that has not been put into operation. In case of repeated violations, the amount of the fine increases.

To register a house for Property Valuation, it is necessary to collect a package of documents: a passport and TIN of the owner, a document on the ownership of the site, a document on the start of construction. The owner applies to the Center for the provision of administrative services or to the online service, and in the near future his application will be considered. This order is valid for houses with a total area of ​​​​up to 500 square meters. meters with no more than two floors except the attic.

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