Privacy Policy

Australian Love Psychics respect your privacy and take the subject of personal and internet privacy very seriously.

We takes all care with practices that affect your personal and internet privacy and adopts best practice in accordance with the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s Guidelines and the Privacy Act.

As we improve our services, we may slightly modify our privacy policy from time to time and ask you to check here for updates.

The only reason we collect personal information from you is to provide you with the services you have specifically requested.

This information will only be used to provide you with the services you have requested, and for no other purposes.

You have the choice to not provide us with specific information. This may result in a lower quality service.

Personal information supplied to us will not be sold, exchanged, shared, rented, given away or disclosed to any other person, group or organisation for any purpose and will only be used for the purposes for which it was provided.

When visiting our site statistics counter makes a record of your visit and the date and time of the visit, the number of pages accessed, entry page, exit page, search terms and the search engine used, the name of your country, the type of operating system used, the browser used and other miscellaneous information. This is very common site statistic counter that many websites use to collect general statistics. This information is not disclosed by us to any third party and is used for statistical, business and design purposes only.