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Confused about your relationship?

Who is your soulmate?

Find out what the future holds for you and your love life. Our psychic insights and predictions can lead you to true love. Why be lonely and unhappy?

You deserve to be happy and loved.

We give you accurate and honest readings in relation to your love life, especially the following:

  • New love
  • Troubled relationships
  • Loveless relationships
  • Getting back together
  • Breaking-up
  • Affairs
  • Dating and mating
  • Soulmates

Since we only deal with readings about love and relationships, we are very good at it.

About Us

We are a small group of psychics and clairvoyants, and only read for Australians (sorry, but we can’t take calls from outside of Australia).

Australian Love Psychics are all genuine and accurate. We are members of local Psychics Associations.

We specialise in using our rare gifts to help you with your love and relationship issues.

Our psychic readings are accurate and honest.

We do not get involved with magic, witchcraft, sorcery, curses or similar nonsense.

We have both male and female psychics.

Our Promise: You will always receive a clear, accurate and honest reading. Always!


How am I charged for calls to 1902 250 685?

Your call to a psychic in Australia is charged through your phone, usually the phone bill.

I am not in Australia. Can I still phone the Australian Love Psychics’ hotline?

Sorry, but only those in Australia can phone our hotline. However, you can order an accurate and detailed email reading.

What information will I be required to give?

For calls to 1902 250 685, we will only ask for your first name and your date of birth only. We ask for your name so we have a name to call you, and we ask for your date of birth because most of us are very good at astrology and use a tiny bit of astrology during the reading.

Can I ask you questions during the reading?

Yes, although you don’t have to. We are very good at general love readings. Unlike other psychic hotlines, we mostly talk and you mostly listen…not the other way around.

How does the psychic connect with the customer?

We connect with you mostly by way of supernatural intuition. We also use your voice, your name, and a little tarot, numerology and astrology.

I’ve heard that other psychic hotlines like to keep callers on the line, to maximize the call costs. Do the Australian Love Psychics do this?

We prefer shorter readings, although you may make the call as long or as short as you like.

Will the reader tell me bad news (doom and gloom)?

We are sensitive and compassionate, yet positive and encouraging. Remember, we are also current members of the Australian Psychics Association and have been tested for sensitivity and accuracy. However, if you ask us a specific question, we will give you an honest, accurate and specific answer.

The Australian Love Psychics

Telephone Readings
1902 250 685

Call cost is $5.50 per minutes (inclusive of GST). Mobiles extra. Service Provider is Access Positive. Please enter 4 digit Operator ID number or you will be connected to a next available operator.